Kaş´a bağlı belde olan Kalkan, Kaş´a 25 km. uzaklıktadır. Görülmeye değer bir koyun kıyısına kurulmuştur. Otelleri, pansiyonları, restoranları ve alişveriş mekanları ile her yıl binlerce turist çekmektedir. Kalkan´ ın mimari yapısı ve kent dokusu fazla bozulmamıştır. Yat limanı, uğrayan teknelerin her türlü ihtiyacını karşılamaktadır. Çok sayıda güvercini barındırması nedeniyle Güvercinlik Deniz Mağarası olarak anılan mağara, Kalkan´ a 2 km. mesafededir ve magaraya teknelerle gidilebilir.  Kalkanda kiralık villa Antalya Kalkan Resim Galerisi.
Antalya Kalkan Fotograflari

Kalkan resimleri ilerleyen sayfalarimda mevcuttur.
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26 Nisan 2007

Kalkan, known as Kalamaki in ancient times is thought to have been founded 150 – 200 years ago by traders from the Greek island of Meis or with the Greek name of Castellorizo, which is a couple of miles away from Kas town.Their success encouraged other settlers of both Turkish and Greek origin particularly from Rhodes. In those days all were of course subject of the Ottoman empire.

The influence of the settlers from Meis can be seen in the similarity of the architecture between Meis and Kalkan. Having the only hospitable harbour between Fethiye and Kas also encouraged the development of the village.
In the old town there are two mosques now, one of them which is opposite of Akin pansion was originally Greek orthodox church and you can still see a small cross on the roof .

During the Ottoman Empire period over 500 years Turks and Greeks lived until the early 1920’s in kalkan. Today you can see lots of smilarities between Turkish and Greek culture , cuisine and lifestyle.

The main occupation of the Kalkan people was trade. Produce was brought to the village from the high lands and the fertile Patara plain by camels and loaded , via small boats , onto large ships in the bay. From here the produce was taken east to Syria , Lebanon , Egypt , Cyprus and Rhodos , all members of the Ottoman Empire.

During the early 20th century, Kalkan appears to have been quite a prosperous port. There were 17 restaurants, a goldsmith and several tailors. There was also a customs house which was restored and has been used as a family house since. Other thriving industries were charcoal, silk, cotton, olive oil, grain, sesame (a trip to Bezirgan village in the summer will reveal fields of sesame), grapes and timber .

The first changes started to occur in the early 1920’s with the founding of the Turkish Republic and exchange in the Greek and Turkish populations.Greeks who lived in kalkan and other parts of Turkey moved to Greece, Greek islands and Australia.Turks who were living in Greece and Greek islands moved to Turkey.

The first coastal road linking all the southern coastal towns opened in the early 1960’s . At this time many people left Kalkan to make business in larger towns such as Antalya and Fethiye.
Kalkan’s resurgence came in the late 1960’s with visits from wealthy yachtsmen. Tourism received a large boost with the asphalting of the road between Kalkan and Fethiye in 1984 which change destiny of Kalkan.

23 Nisan 2007

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22 Nisan 2007

A small peaceful Mediterranean resort and fishing town on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Kalkan has not been touched by mass tourism. More sophisticated than the usual resort town, Kalkan appeals to travelers looking for more than a “sun and sea” holiday. According to the Sunday Times, Kalkan attracts the kind of visitor who would also enjoy Tuscany or the Dordogne. The Guardian likens the town to “the Italian Riviera minus the poseurs.”

Because of its great charm, Kalkan has a growing number of perennial visitors who say the town is the only holiday destination they would choose to visit repeatedly. There is simply no other town quite like Kalkan along Turkey’s coast.

Why is Kalkan so special?

Not only is Kalkan beautiful, but unlike other Turkish coastal resort towns Kalkan’s main economy is tourism and therefore its citizens put much pride and effort into the town’s historic preservation. Because of this, Kalkan has retained the texture of its history by protecting its distinctive Ottoman Greek architecture (it was once an Ottoman Greek and Turkish fishing village). Very strict building codes keep the town small and architecturally blended with the historic heart of the town known as “Old Kalkan”.

Besides the famous “Kalkan Style” historic architecture, the many excellent restaurants of Kalkan contribute to the special atmosphere within Kalkan. Good dining has always been the way of life in Kalkan and continues today. In fact, Kalkan is said to have the highest number of restaurants and bars per inhabitant or square meter on the Turkish coast (over 100 of them!). Additionally, Kalkan is especially renowned in Turkey for its numerous roof terrace restaurants and bars which offer a wonderful view of the town, sea and stars. It’s also nice to sit at one of the many fine harbour-side restaurants and watch the pleasure boats and fishermen leave early in the morning as you eat your breakfast, or see the fishing boats return with the day’s catch in the evening.

There is lots to do during the day and nightlife is fun, but laid-back. You won’t find noisy, wild nightlife here, like in some other coastal resorts.

Kalkan resimleri
Antalya Kalkan Fotograflari

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